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Pre-Paid Accounts

Deposit funds in a prepaid account and use them across multiple sites!

What is a Prepaid Account?
A BBTB Prepaid Account allows you to deposit funds with BBTB and then use them to pay for orders placed at a later date. This method is especially popular with our customers who have multiple sites and would like each site to be able to choose their books.

Why should I use a Prepaid Account?
BBTB Prepaid Accounts were created to help customers who wanted to:

  • More easily distribute funds and track spending in multiple location
  • Spend remaining grant funds, but choose and order books at a later date

How do I set up a Prepaid Account with BBTB?
To start or add funds to a prepaid account, download the form then
mail it along with your check/money order to:
Books By The Bushel, LLC
PO Box 261
Versailles OH 45380
Or Fax it to:
Or you can call in your order using a credit card to:

I manage the book ordering for programs in multiple locations. Can I set up a Prepaid Account at each location so they can order books for themselves?
Yes, we can set up a prepaid account at each location. Fill out the Prepaid Account Form and use page 2 to list all sites.

How can I find out how much is in my Prepaid Account?
Each time you deposit funds, you will receive an email confirming your total account balance. You can also find your Prepaid Account balance online by clicking the My Account link (top left of your screen), and your balance will appear on the left midway down the page under "Store Credit" or you can call us at  1-877-251-6598 or email us.
Once funds have been used to pay an invoice, you will receive an email update including a receipt for the paid invoice and information about how much you have left in your Prepaid Account.

For customers managing Prepaid Accounts at multiple locations, we can email a monthly report to you.

Download our Prepaid Account Form to get started!

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