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Build A Library Book Giveaway

Books by the Bushel is giving away one set of 50 books EACH month!
That is a $500 value to you FREE!

To enter, click on the button below, fill out the entry form. Winner will be notified via email.
(Winner is chosen on the 1st of the new month, from all entries received in the previous month)
Be sure to check back each month for a new entry form!  

January 2024
Amy  G.- Home Visiting

Home Visiting works with parents to read to their children at early ages, assists with providing appropriate learning materials such as books, and we are involved with the parents and children’s activities and all factors associated with positive child development.  We teach and partner with families in the upbringing of healthy children and our vision is that all children will learn, grow, and develop to realize their full potential.

February 2024
Tamera R.- Non Profit Association 
We are a small, grass roots, non profit Association that mentors and gives training to family child care homes to provide quality care inside their homes. These books will help build literacy inside family child care. Thank you for this opportunity!!   

March 2024

Bernadette H.- BT Early Head Start

I conduct weekly in home visits with families of children under 3 years old, and these visits always contain books!!  Early language and literacy will set children on a strong path of learning.  Book share builds attachment, receptive language, rhythm, self-awareness, fine motor skills.... the list goes on.  It is the primary way to learn for the rest of the child's life.  

These books will be given to the 66 families of the program, here in rural north central Pennsylvania.  Home visiting is an amazing way to encourage parents to have a strong role in their children's education.  I feel books are a wonderful way to achieve this important task.  
Thank you so very much for the generous gift of books and literacy,


OAEYC 2024 Conference Winner
Kala C.
These books will be a great addition to our preschool classrooms! They will help expand our book selection for our young learners! Our students love to look at books and hear them read aloud. I am so excited to have been chosen for this giveaway! 

April 2024

Jennifer S.
I am the Family Support Specialist for a Pre-K Expansion program and do a lot of Parent/Child activities and events. I use books as giveaways to those families that attend the events.  I also have a Lending Library that families are able to check out books and resources from.   Another way we use books is for the Pre-K teachers.  They ask me if I have a book that can fit a specific situation that they might be having with a child or a family.

May 2024
Aura O.

Thank you for the gift, my team and I have been using Books by the Bushel for years now.

These books are used for our clinic patients here at theHospital. Reach Out and Read believes that waiting room time should not be wasted time, as well as making early literacy an important part of every well-child visit. With that said, we give out books at every pediatric visit, and have extended to prenatal patients as well to begin fostering nurturing connections and early literacy as soon as the baby can hear, at 20 weeks gestational period. We also give books to all our new parents in the nursery.


June 2024
Jeehan D.

Wow, this is truly incredible! Winning this book giveaway means so much to me, especially knowing that it will directly benefit families in the Motheread/Fatheread program. I'm deeply appreciative of this opportunity to make an impact to such a meaningful cause. Reading has always been a passion of mine, and to think that these books will help families connect and learn together warms my heart. 

Thank you immensely for organizing this giveaway and for supporting programs like C. County First Steps and Motheread/Fatheread. It's initiatives like these that make a real difference in communities, and I'm honored to be a part of it, even in this small way. I look forward to seeing the positive impact these books will have on the families involved. 

July 2023
 Elzbieta K- Brooklyn Public Library

Isn't it a great news to start a new chapter in our wonderful Reading Room activities.

Yes, this year summer is unbelievably hot but children are children and they simply don't care about it. They want to play, read, sing and be with their friends. They will be so excited to receive your gift, especially those who don't have much. Thank you so very much.

August 2023
Jessica A. -Batesville School District


September 2023
Vanessa F. - YVFWC Parents as Teachers

October 2023
Anne A.-Pre-School
Good Morning- Thank you so much !!! This is very exciting!! We are so pleased to be able to share these books with all ouor little ones at the center. We have a curriculum for all ages from Infants thru Pre-K and we are always reading to the children. The children are using their libraries in their classroom and always "reading" to their friends or dolls. This will be a great addition.

November 2023
Kristi W.-Head Start

Wow! Thank you so much for this gift. Our program works with mostly low income families that often don’t have money for books, so we try to do a free book give away a few times a year. It is getting harder to provide those books due to lack of resources that we used to have, so this is so very appreciated. It is wonderful to be able to provide books along with our practice of helping families learn about all the ways that reading can build their child’s brain and sense of connection.

December 2023
Karol H.- Early Learning Center

I work for a preschool with over 100 children (it’s a 50/50 split of typical developing and special needs). I set up a book rack near the front entrance to the daycare with a sign encouraging families to choose a book to take home for their own library. The kids love it and the books fly off the shelf. 

Thank you so much!!

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