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Books by the Bushel is giving away one set of 50 books EACH month!
That is a $500 value to you FREE!

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January 2024
Amy  G.- Home Visiting

Home Visiting works with parents to read to their children at early ages, assists with providing appropriate learning materials such as books, and we are involved with the parents and children’s activities and all factors associated with positive child development.  We teach and partner with families in the upbringing of healthy children and our vision is that all children will learn, grow, and develop to realize their full potential.

February 2023
Johnna F. - Albany Co Public Health
I'm a maternal child health home visiting nurse in Laramie, Wyoming. I visit with pregnant moms and toddlers up to the age of two helping to support parenting and healthy lifestyle choices for low income families. Books are such a wonderful way to connect with families and they provide positive parenting interactions and promote healthy brain growth in infants and toddlers. Low income families have many challenges and they often cannot afford to buy books for their little ones, so now I will have 50 books to share in my community and I'm truly grateful for this opportunity.   

March 2023

Lindsey C. -Parents as Teachers

One of the biggest goals of New Madrid County R-1 Parents as Teachers (PAT) is to provide our families with numerous books and help our parents and caregivers get into the habit of reading multiple books to their children every single day. We provide at least one book for each child at every family visit throughout the year, and this generous donation will help us continue getting books into the homes of our PAT families and into the hands of our children throughout the school district, setting them up for success as early as possible. 

Thank you so much again for this generous gift! 

Ohioaeyc 2023 Conference Winner
Penny S - Head Start Program
Winning the books for my classroom is so exciting.  I cannot wait to share them with our students.  I love reading to and with my students and sharing new adventures along with new vocabulary.   Books are a great way to extend a child’s vocabulary and their oral language.  As educators and adults, we need to provide a literacy rich environment for our children.  Having these opportunities for them when they are young will help the children as they continue to grow.  Children that do not have books available to them at home are excited to have books to take home.  We provide books for those children to keep at home if needed.  Thank you again for this wonderful gift to share with our children and families in our program.

April 2023

 Morgan M - Better Basics
Thank you so much, Better Basics is so grateful for this opportunity. Better Basics works to eradicate illiteracy among children in Central Alabama. We deliver reading and math instruction and resources to empower the educationally vulnerable.

May 2023
Lori P -Children's Advantage

I am SO EXCITED to be the May winner of the build a library! I work for a non-profit Children’s Mental Health Agency. I specifically work with daycare center and preschool teachers and administrators to build social emotional well being for the children and support the needs of teachers and staff. Another role that I have at our agency is providing case management services to families and children 6 years old and younger. In both of these roles, I practice an array of skill building strategies with the children. I often utilize books to help build rapport with children, present a concept that we are working on, and/or build the child’s confidence and sense of self esteem through the characters in the stories.


June 2023
 Elizabeth S - Pediatric Associates Manhattan

"We are very excited to receive these wonderful books to share with our patients. This practice firmly believes in promoting literacy and the enjoyment reading can bring to all of our families. Thank you for helping us achieve this goal."

July 2023
 Elzbieta K- Brooklyn Public Library

Isn't it a great news to start a new chapter in our wonderful Reading Room activities.

Yes, this year summer is unbelievably hot but children are children and they simply don't care about it. They want to play, read, sing and be with their friends. They will be so excited to receive your gift, especially those who don't have much. Thank you so very much.

August 2023
Jessica A. -Batesville School District


September 2023
Vanessa F. - YVFWC Parents as Teachers

October 2023
Anne A.-Pre-School
Good Morning- Thank you so much !!! This is very exciting!! We are so pleased to be able to share these books with all ouor little ones at the center. We have a curriculum for all ages from Infants thru Pre-K and we are always reading to the children. The children are using their libraries in their classroom and always "reading" to their friends or dolls. This will be a great addition.

November 2023
Kristi W.-Head Start

Wow! Thank you so much for this gift. Our program works with mostly low income families that often don’t have money for books, so we try to do a free book give away a few times a year. It is getting harder to provide those books due to lack of resources that we used to have, so this is so very appreciated. It is wonderful to be able to provide books along with our practice of helping families learn about all the ways that reading can build their child’s brain and sense of connection.

December 2023
Karol H.- Early Learning Center

I work for a preschool with over 100 children (it’s a 50/50 split of typical developing and special needs). I set up a book rack near the front entrance to the daycare with a sign encouraging families to choose a book to take home for their own library. The kids love it and the books fly off the shelf. 

Thank you so much!!

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