Direct To Home

As we all know these are unprecedented times. We are all being asked to think outside the box when it comes to supporting our families in need.
We have had many conversations with our literacy partners on how best to support the book needs of their families during this time of uncertainty. 

We are rolling out a new program that will mail books and your literacy material directly case-of-books2.jpgto your student's/family's homes!

How it works:

1. Select items from our website

2. Download our order form (download will start automatically) or email us for an order form

3. Fill out our order form (excel format only). We can only accept these orders using our order form

4. Email Us The Order Form and any literacy material you would like included in your package (kit)


Detailed instructions for placing your order are on the order form. 

We will contact you for payment information  

Pricing is as follows:

a. Price of the book as listed on our website

b. The price to ship is $3.75 for the first book going to an address, and 60¢ for each additional book going to an address 


$3.75 for the first book going to an address
$4.35 for two books going to an address ($3.75 + 60¢=$4.35)
$4.95 for three books going to an address ($3.75 + 60¢ + 60¢ = $4.95)
$5.55 for four books going to an address ($3.75 + 60¢ + 60¢ + 60¢ + 60¢ = $5.55)

c. Printing of literacy material, provided by you (if any) is 10¢ a page (full color)

d. Due to the cost involved with these orders we cannot offer any discounts/coupon codes 


Questions? Email Us or call us at 877-251-6598