Dr. Seuss Birthday Reading Challenge

Our 4 Week Dr. Seuss Birthday Reading Challenge is about inspiring children to read as many Dr. Seuss words as they can for his birthday!

Each week, building up to March 2nd (Dr. Seuss's birthday), we are offering a FREE Downloadable Activity sheet in conjunction with the book of the week. Children can read the book, complete the activity sheet and log their progress in their VERY OWN Word Journal. All the details are listed below.


Dr. Seuss 4 Week Birthday Reading Challenge: Set of 4

All the books you will need for our 4 Week Dr. Seuss Birthday Reading Challenge, conveniently packaged and ready to use with our FREE Weekly Activity Sheets!

Only $3.45 a book!

My Seussian Word Journal!

The Dr. Seuss Word journal can be used as a fun way to have a challenge of your own and track your words throughout the winter when you aren't near a computer! Each page represents a week in the challenge and features a calendar where you can write your words or books read each day!

Download your FREE  4 Week Journal here!

FREE Weekly Activity Sheets to accompany our weekly book challenge

Week One: Scrambled Eggs Super!: Make Your Own Scrambled Eggs

Week Two: I Wish That I Had Duck Feet: Make Your Own Animal Mask

Week Three: Yertle The Turtle And Other Stories: Make Your Own Slime

Week Four: Wacky Wednesday: Find The Differences