Build A Library Giveaway (2019)


Enter for a chance to win a set of 50 early childhood books ($300 value!) 

Books By The Bushel will be giving away one set of 50 books each month in 2019!




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Winners List (updated monthly)

Month Name of Winner Organization How will the books be used?
January-19 Lee K. Habersham County Family Connections/BOE We are so excited to use these books to build a library for our school's summer feeding outreach program !
February-19 Jenny L.  Child Health Investment Partnership of the Roanoke Valley Our early childhood home visiting program works with under served families, from prenatal Moms through first-grade entry.  Our Community Health Nurses and Family Case Managers help families access needed medical services, assist with management of chronic conditions, provide developmental education, kindergarten preparation, and regular child assessment and monitoring.  We provide a book to each child at each visit, as encouraging literacy is a very important part of our program.
March-19 Cherene A. Sashabaw Middle School I have students reading from a second to a twelfth grade level, and my classroom library just can't keep up (I'm determined to cultivate voracious readers no matter their level!). We are so lucky to be in a school centered on the whole child, where mental health, mindfulness, character development, humanity, and fun are every bit as important as writing and multiplication- in fact, more so. I'd love to be able to get more titles showing the commonality of the human condition, and bring the world to my students, through time, through place, through books.
April-19 Anne B. Pinehurst Elementary This summer, I am organizing a Bookmobile to get books into our students hands throughout the summer. Every week, they will have an opportunity to exchange the book. We are hoping this will help increase reading in the home and lesson the summer slide.
May-19 Michael W. Baldwin Heights Elementary School Thank you so much! The books were used in our Summer Mail Home program. At-Risk students come and pick out 6 books to have mailed to their house over the summer months. It's an incredible program and the books that we received were used for that purpose.  :)
June-19 Julie P. Ahira Hall Memorial Library Awesome!!!! Thanks. We can always use children’s books.These books will be given away to children during our Summer Reading Program, or during our annual Halloween Trick or Book activities.
July-19 Michelle R. The Village Family Foundation Their mission is to enrich the lives of children, facilitate parent/teacher communications, engage parents and support educators to enhance each student’s educational growth within the school and the community.    
August-19 Lisa R. Raising Readers in Story County We have a new Story Time program that we are starting next month with a group of low income mothers.  The age group of the children will be birth to age 10, we will use the books as gift books for the children that attend Story Time.  
Sept-19 Alisha H. Evart Elementary School

Thank you so much! That is very exciting! The books will be used to help develop the love of reading in my first graders. They get so excited when I bring in new books, and it gets them wanting to read more

Oct-19 Annie E. Children's Hospital of WI

Wow! I didn’t expect that.  Most books will be given to families in our program to keep and use in their homes.  We do keep books in our library to share at visits with families, and so if there is one that would fill a void in our library we would keep it, but we like to be able to give books to families as often as possible.    If it fits a theme we would tie it with other activities, and encourage the family to talk about the them and pictures of the book when they notice them in real life.


November 2019 Geraldine P. Palm Beach School

WOW what a great surprise.  My box came a few days ago and I have so enjoyed getting into it.  I have ordered from Books By the Bushel numerous times - some for my grandchildren but mostly for my elementary school library.  Wynnebrook is a title I school in Palm Beach County Florida.  We serve about 900 students Pre-K - 5th grade.  Years ago I started ordering the finger puppet books.  I am a big proponent of children choosing what they want in the library not what someone else wants them to read.  I am always pushing our Everybody Section (Easy in some libraries).  I tell our fifth graders you won't have an opportunity to check books like these out in Middle School.  All of my kids Love, Love, Love the finger puppet books K-5.  I think it is partly because we have taken so much play and creativity out of their lives to supposedly improve test scores.  What a shame!  They stand in line and talk to each other with the puppets.  It is so cute! Thank you again for this wonderful so unexpected gift to our school.  I love everything at Books By The Bushel!

December 2019 Barbara S. Bucyrus Public Library

We are excited to have won!  The books will make their way out into the community as part of our literacy initiative, Crawford Reads 20.  our group shows up at all sorts of community events, both school and otherwise!