"Keeping The Circle Strong" FACE Virtual Book Drive

"Keeping The Circle Strong" FACE Virtual Book Drive

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How To Give:
Select your gift choice and click the "Add To Cart" button. To select more than one gift, add them to the cart one at a time.
Your gift amount will be added to all donations received and at the end of the book drive the FACE Program will choose books for their program.
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Our Book Drive Goal:
We would like to get at least 100 books in the homes of FACE children by the time they go into Kindergarten. Dollywood Foundation Imagination Library is helping with this goal but families need more books and would appreciate your support!
Book Drive Donations To Date:

Parents as Teachers National Center celebrates FACE 30th Birthday/Anniversary!

The FACE program is designed as a two-generational family literacy program; an integrated model for an early childhood/parental involvement program for American Indian families in BIE-funded schools. For 30 years Parents As Teachers National Center, National Center for Families Learning, and the Bureau of Indian Education have partnered to support families in their role as their child’s first and most influential teacher; to increase family literacy; to strengthen family-school-community connections; to promote the early identification and services to children with special needs; to support and celebrate the unique cultural and linguistic diversity of each American Indian community served by the program; and to promote lifelong learning.


We will use all funds raised to purchase from our Book Wish List and Books By The Bushel's Website. View Our Wish List book-drive-books.jpg